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Business Development Associate(BDA)

Business Development Associates (BDAs) are officials of the company under the supervision of the Business Development Manager (BDM). Each of Business Development Associates has target to build his/her team. They are 6 in numbers (for now) and each of them is like a Deputy to the BDM with at least minimum of 40 independent marketers grown by them and working under them. They can have sub-links of Company’s website.

The BDA works with the company, they are stakeholders, each of them is like a branch of the company that can actually become a BDM or Branch Manager in another branch of the company brand. He/She reports to the office 5 times in a month, once in a week as a team lead to the BDEs and once monthly for General Meeting.

Asides from having his own team of independent marketers, He is also a Team Leader to 6 of the Company Business Development Executives that resumes to office once in a week (8 full hours) whom he/she supervises and led to attend to the sales and marketing daily chores once in a week.

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