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Harmony Gardens Consultant/Affiliate Marketing System

Harmony Gardens Consultant and Affiliate Marketing Model empowers our Consultants/Affiliates to earn commissions on every sale they generate.

Harmony Gardens Affiliate model incorporates a multi-level marketing structure, that enables consultants to earn commissions up to 5th generations. Becoming our affiliates is simple: Sign up, get your link, and start promotion. You get paid three (3) working days upon every sales made.


Unique Features of our Affiliate Model:

  1. Weekly Affiliate Commission
    Simple sign up process and immediate approval for Consultants/Affiliates
    A simple dashboard to monitor your commissions in realtime
     Graphical representations of your sales commissions for easier grasp
     Receive real-time notifications on new products and special newsletters.
    Generate personalized URLs and monitor traffic to the website through your URL.
    And Many Other features.

Social Promotion

Advertise your referral link on social media and recruit numerous consultants through it.

Global Network

Join a global network of professional realtors and start earning in millions

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Our team of professionals is always ready to offer you great support and unmatched customer service

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