Aviation Town

TITLE: Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) & Government allocation

Urban Living Meets Neighborhood's Charm

Unlocking Exclusive Opportunities for Aviation Enthusiasts and Businesses

For aviation enthusiasts, frequent flyers, and those seeking to capitalize on the vast potential of the aviation sector, Aviation Town Estate emerges as the ideal choice. Strategically situated adjacent to the proposed Lekki International Airport, this exclusive estate offers a range of residential and commercial plots, with 300SQM and 600SQM options for residential purposes, and 1000SQM plots for commercial ventures.

With its proximity to the proposed Lekki International Airport and a range of residential and commercial plot options, this estate offers an exclusive chance to invest in a thriving community. Embrace the future of aviation and secure your place in Aviation Town Estate today.

Unique Features of Aviation Town

One of the key and remarkable qualities that makes Aviation Town a truly extraordinary place to reside or have a workspace in is its absolutely unbeatable proximity to the renowned Lekki International Airport. With just a stone’s throw away, residents and workers within Aviation Town can not only relish the true essence of convenient and hassle-free travel as they embark on their journeys but they can also audaciously bask in the sheer brilliance and grandeur of the airport’s towering and beautifully designed edifice. Whether going on a crucial business trip or an exhilarating vacation, the airport’s location does not only save time and money but also brings an unmatched level of convenience to all who reside or work within the esteemed Aviation Town, making it an even more desirable hub for both local and international individuals seeking comfort, luxury, and excellence.

Among the many features, one that particularly stands out is the well-constructed asphaltic road network that is designed to ensure optimal mobility, safety, and comfort for all road users within the community. The roads in Aviation town are meticulously planned and professionally executed to meet the highest industry standards, providing a smooth driving experience that is second to none.

Situated within the vibrant surroundings of The New Alaro City, Aviation Town enjoys a strategic position in the expansive Lekki Free Zone. The New Alaro City spans over 2,000 hectares and serves as an integrated, mixed-use metropolis.

A multitude of renowned companies, such as Ariel Foods, Starium (BUA Group), HMD Africa, Sana Industries, Loatsad, Kenol, Mantrac (Caterpillar), Omar Gardens, and ASB Valiant, have chosen to relocate or expand their operations to Alaro City. This thriving hub features dedicated areas for offices, logistics and warehousing, residences, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, entertainment, and vast stretches of 150 hectares dedicated to parks and open spaces.

Analyzing the growth potential and long-term investment prospects of Aviation Town Estate.

Historical trends and market demand for properties in the vicinity of airports.

Projected rental income and appreciation opportunities for both residential and commercial properties.

Aviation Town Pricing


Aviation Town is in close proximty and within the radius to ibeju-Lekki which is setting
more than 200 billion dollars commercial investment landmarks such as:

  • Dangote Refineries
  • Dangote Jetty
  • Lekki Deep Seaport
  • OK-LNG
  • Kelloggs industries
  • Power-Oil Industries
  • Jiu-Hua Group
  • New Lekki International
  • Tiara by Amen Estate
  • La Campaigne Tropicana
  • Alaro City

and many more guarantee high and
huge returns on investments, on a short term and long term basis.

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